About Me

Hi there, I’m Maiyah and i love everything bookish and created novel delights and lattes so I could share reviews, memes, tags and anything that’s bookish.

I previously had a blog but have had to make a new one to be on the safe side, I had my previous blog for 2 years and currently under a pen name on this one but i didn’t want to give up blogging for good and realised the only way I could continue is to make a new one. I enjoy all different genres and am never tied to just one genre so they will variety of different reviews being posted on my blog.

This book blog is a place for me to chat about books im looking forward to such a new releases I’m excited to read, books I’m currently reading, posting reviews and bookish things. I’m really looking forward to sharing my favourite and new reads with others, so if this sounds good and you share same or similar interests then please do follow. I’ll look forward to connecting with you.

Thank you for reading.